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Waimauku Village Pharmacy
Mon-Fri8:00am to 5:00pm
Prescriptions and repeats can be presented at either pharmacy!
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Beauty and health

Upstairs from Waimauku Village Pharmacy is The Village Beauty Studio.
Here you can enjoy a range of beauty treatments to help you unwind, de-stress and improve your inner well-being.
Pampering by our trained therapists in the tranquility of a private room will leave you with a truly confident look and feel. nFrom massage to tinting, shaping, waxing and much more, we also offer spray tanning.
Come up and talk to us or contact us (09) 411 5226 / 0279 477 888. For more see our website
MASS, LTC and Managed Care

So you're on medication. Maybe with lots of medications to take at different times of the day and night. And too much time is spent just organising them for each day. Yet it's so easy to miss out or make mistakes! So much so that medicine-related issues are the biggest cause of hospitalisation behind accidents!
But often you don't even know which medications do what, if they clash, or even if you're getting the best health out of them.
You can now change all that. Either phone us, or come into our store, and ask for a quick friendly confidential chat about MASS and what it's all about.

Between us we'll make a convenient time for you to get together with a pharmacist, either at the store in the privacy of your own home. We will have a friendly detailed talk about your medications, what they are for, any issues you may be having, and how to make the most of them to give you the best possible health. It doesn't take long. Then you (and your doctor) get a useful Medicines Check report that includes any recommendations and advice.

NO income testing is involved, and NO medication is changed without you and your doctor's approval.

Normally it involves 2-3 consults over a year, and you may decide to use us to prepare your meds into a Medico Pak to keep optimum health.
This is a confidential professional service from us. And it's insurance and peace-of-mind, all in one. Contact us today.

Get Medicines check and Medico Pak for FREE

If you are eligible, offers you FREE consultations for one year and Medicine Paks for a period of time.
You are likely to be eligible if:
  1. You are living independently (children are excepted); and
  2. You have one or more chronic medical conditions; and
  3. You are at least one of:
  • Enrolled in the CarePlus programme for chronic care management;
  • Taking three or more medicines and/or 12+ doses per day.
  • Taking medicines with a known high risk of adverse effects, or there is a need for monitoring.
  • Home from a recent (say 4 weeks) admission to hospital, especially if there had been a medicine change.
  • Unable to manage your medicines, have a particular medicine-related problem, or have a complicated medication process.
  • Unable to manage your medicines effectively because you have literacy or language difficulties, dexterity problems, impaired sight, or any other reason.
Contact us today. You'll be so glad you did!
At a glance

Special Authority look-ups. FREE
Yellow Card fill-ins. FREE

Prescription fulfillment.
Repeat prescription reminder service, by TXT, email or phone. On request.

» Urinary tract infections (UTI) and the issuance of trimethoprim.
» Morning after pill consult and issuance.
» Clozapine dispensing.
» Methadone services
» Compounded medications.
» Services for Long term care (LTC) and managed care.
» Individual dose blister packaging (Medico Pak).
» Warfarin (INR) testing.
» Morning after pill issuance.
» Stopping smoking programs.
» Blood glucose testing.
» Cholesterol testing.
» Blood pressure testing.
» Zinc deficiency testing.
» Diabetes meter batteries. FREE. Only for CareSens devices.
» Services for those involved with palliative care and terminal care.
» Services for rest homes and retirement homes.

» Passport photos.
» Printing digital photos, in-store or send-away.
» Create your own gift from a photo.
» Create your own photobook.
» Develop camera film.

FREE Gift Wrapping for items over $30.

Don't forget. We also carry a large range of non-subsidised prescription products.
At both our pharmacies your confidentiality is assured.
Return unused medications
Don't simply throw away unused medications. Bring them in and we'll dispose of them safely. FREE.
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